Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goodness Gracious Green by Julie Christie

Book 2 in the Green series. I love this series! Again, never heard of these until I saw them offered for free on Amazon and I love them!

Lois is starting her 2nd year in Green, LA with a new lease on life and a shift in her plans. Her paper is now not just hers, but the rest of the staff has been giving a piece of the pie through profit sharing.  Lois has inherited a house.. has the beginnings of a new relationship.. and is being targeted by an arson setting fire to her life. And then the former owners of the paper show up and announce they want the paper back... they have a big fat check and if Lois refuses to take it, they will sue.  

Did she make the right decision to stay in Green? Should she take the money and run? Only the Good Lord knows and Lois hasn't been talking with Him much lately.

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