Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer

I found this book quite by accident. We have a shop near my home called Burke's outlet. They purchase over stocks and such from other retailers and then sell them at a discounted price.  I like to  pop in on Fridays (I get a 15% discount that day) and see what's new. I have bought clothing, candles, journals, linens and all sorts of other goodies there. A couple of Fridays ago I noticed a shelf of books.  Many were by Beverly Lewis (wonderful Amish based fiction).  This book was there also.  The cover caught my eye but I was not familiar with the author. Still, I read the back notes and was intrigued.

Imagine my surprise when I saw someone mention Witemeyer's books on a Facebook page -- Lovers of Old West Fiction.  They received rave reviews from many in that group, so I knew I have made a great choice in bringing it home with me.

I loved the characters and stories and look forward to reading more books by Witemeyer in the future.  Hannah Richards dreams of owning her own dressmaker's shop one day, so when a wealthy patron opens the door for that dream Hannah runs through it with great expectation.  She arrives in Coventry, TX ready to take the world by storm... and a storm she finds.. in J. T. "Jericho" Tucker.  JT finds fancy dresses and such a tool to encourage women to vanity and discontentment and he wants nothing to do with... nor does he care to have it show up in his town.  No matter how much he tries to avoid Hannah and her shop, he finds himself coming to her rescue time and time again.

As he watches the effect Hannah has on the town... on the people... her compassion and love... he begins to second guess his opinions concerning beauty and dressmaking.... and his opinion of a certain lovely dressmaker.

Very sweet story... a feisty female and a gruff fella... wonderful combination!

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