Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins

Another book in the Flower Shop Mystery series.... another great cozy mystery series... love it! Elizabeth Blume shows up in New Chapel sporting the name Libby and looking a great deal like Abby, who was her babysitter at one time.  Over the course of a few days, Libby builds a life that looks remarkably like Abby's... from her gift shop to her yellow corvette... she even sets her sites on Marco, Abby's man-friend (they are still working out the details of their relationship.)  Libby's mother, former supermodel Delphia is found dead and a young woman in a yellow corvette is seen leaving the scene. Is it Libby? Abby? or someone else trying to frame one of them? Marco, a PI, investigates, but Abby is not sure he is being objective with Libby hanging on his arm. She decides to go out on her own and find the killer... hopefully before he or she finds her.

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