Friday, August 26, 2011

erasing hell by francis chan & preston sprinkle

To say this is a good book doesn't sound right. The subject matter is heavy and difficult at times.. not the writing about it.. the reality of it.  And yet, it was good to read this book.  Chan and Sprinkle take on this most avoided subject head on diving into the Bible to show what God says about hell.  It is an academic walk... a fact finding tour... and yet it is far from dry and boring textbook reading.  I would love to tell you all the questions are answered.. they are not. Instead we are show the basic truths and given the task to trust God with the rest.. and isn't that essentially the basis of the Christian life?

While the book does take quotes from Rob Bell's Love Wins, which presents a universalist view of hell, this is not a book slamming Bell or his work.  Not at all!  I would imagine Bell's book played a roll in this project coming about, but it is not the central catalyst.  I stated earlier this is a look at the Truth... the Word.. what God has to say about hell.

I have read it through once... reread parts... and have no doubt I will read it again.  I suggest keeping a Bible close at hand as you read.

Ultimately... before all is said and done, this is a book on the Sovereignty of God. And that, for me, is the best news of all!

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