Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cozy in Kansas by Nancy Mehl

This book is part of Heartsongs America Loves a Mystery series. Each book centers around one state and contains 3 romance mysteries. I have enjoy each one I have read so far. Light-hearted cozy mysteries... love it!

This one may be may be my favorite so far. I love the setting, the characters (and there are some characters here!)... all of it.

Winter Break, Kansas is a small town with some of the most fun eccentric characters seen... and they are all so real to me!  Not so strange they couldn't really exist.  Ivy Towers grew up in and out of Winter Break as she came to visit her Aunt Bitty. Now Ivy is back not to visit Bitty, but to bury her after an accident in her bookstore. But was it an accident and if not, who would want to kill Bitty?  Ivy is determine to get to the bottom of things and along the way she finds that small towns where folks know everything about everyone also have secrets.

Each mystery builds a bit on the previous ones as the reader not only comes along to find out "Who Done It", but also enjoys life in Winter Break as its citizens go about day to day.

I am a sucker for small town America... Romance.. and Mystery... and then add that the main character owns a book store... perfect!

There is a 4th Ivy Towers Book. I plan to purchase it soon and dive right in to see what she, Amos, Ruby, Bert and the gang are up to these days!

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