Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Rose from the Dead by Kate Collins

I discovered Collins' Flower Shop mysteries a year or so ago in my local library when I was perusing the shelves to see what was there. I devoured every one they had in stock and loved them all!  So I was thrilled when I stumbled across some more books in the series at a local used bookstore.

Again, this is a secular series.. one of the few I read. Cozy mysteries with fun characters.  This series has some of the most delightful clever writing I have enjoyed in a while.  I enjoy books that entertain and even are a bit light hearted, but not dumbed down. I appreciate clever and witting and even subtle humor in books. This series has all of that.

Abby Knight is the owner and operator of a flower shop, Bloomers,  and she will do just about anything to make it succeed.. including attending a convention for funeral directors to drum up some business.  She laughs at the various characters there.. the pranks.. the jokes.. the events (casket decorating!).. but she isn't laughing when the director of the conference is found dead in a casket and her friend, Delilah is the prime suspect.

Abby sets out to  prove Delilah is innocent and find the real killer no matter what.... and that what could be serious business for Abby!

There are 10 books in this series (don't know if more are coming). I have now read the first 6 and have #7 & #8 in my "to read" pile.. and no doubt I will be snatching up #9 & #10 soon!


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