Saturday, March 19, 2011

Play It Again, SAHM by Meredith Efken

I read the first book in this trilogy last year and was a bit skeptical when I started it. Would I really like a book that was comprised of all emails? Yep!  I would and did!  So I was ready to jump right into book 2 (and yes, I have book 3 waiting in the wings).

I have been on various email loops over the years and am part of a close knit one now.. have been for a number of years. So it truly is easy for me to relate to the closeness and the relationships formed in the virtual world.  Efken has obviously been a part of that world too, because she nails it in her books!

Things continue to move along in the SAHM world.  Ros is back after a short sabbatical and much therapy.  New ladies have joined the group with their unique personalities changing the dynamics of the group a bit.  And ladies who have been there are challenged by new circumstances and a bit of introspection.

But the big news is the retreat! Yep, the SAHM group is getting together to meet! What starts out as a simple get together quickly turns into a big production and looms out of control. But God reins it all in and provides just what is needed for these moms.

Truly a delight to read!  Be sure to read Book 1 first. This is definitely one of those series where order matters!


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