Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Josey by Susan May Warren

This book has been in my to read basket for a while. I am so glad I finally picked it up and read it. I am not a huge fan of the first person voice you find in Chick Lit. It is not always done well, but it is in Josey.

Josey lives in the same small town where she grew up... living a rather plain and boring life in her opinion. Her sister gets married and the boy Josey has loved for ever (at least she thinks she might love him) shows up with a woman who could easily be a model. Could life get any worse!?  What is the purpose.. why is she here? Josey needs answers.

And she finds one in the form of a missionary.  As he speaks at her church, Josey feels certain God is calling her to Russia to teach English.  (He is calling isn't He? Or maybe she just needs to run away and the timing of this offer is perfect.)  So off to Russia she goes!

The reader is given a birds-eye-view (or maybe it would be better to say a Josey-eye-view) of her adventure as she balances learning a new culture, roommate, and love interests (yes, I said Interests.. plural) along with seeking to figure out her relationship with God.

Lots of laughter and fun in this book, as well as a few tears and a lot of soul-searching as Josey seeks to follow God's will and not her own.

And fun note.. there is a sequel, Chill Out Josey.  Looking forward to continuing on this adventure with Josey.

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