Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

I usually read Christmas stories during the Christmas season, but when I saw this book by one of my favorite authors sitting on the New Fiction shelf at the library I had to snatch it up! The Perfect Christmas is a fun, light-hearted tale of a girl whose biological clocking is roaring! Cassie is certain she is never going to meet THE guy. And to make matters worse most of her friends seem to have found their perfect mate. A Christmas card, complete with photo of her friend, Julie with her husband and 2 children ready for their perfect Christmas proves Cassie's point. Yes, she knows it is just a photo and while it looks perfect, it probably isn't. That doesn't matter. Cassie wants the look... the family to create that picture perfect Christmas card and she wants it now!

In steps Simon Dodson, professional matchmaker. Cassie's friend, Angie, tells her about Simon. He is very highly sought.... has a high success rate... and costs a fortune. At first the thought of a matchmaker seems ridiculous to Cassie, but then.. what does she have to loose. He does have a money back guarantee. What she doesn't expect it a gruff, rude man who asks all the questions and then gives her tasks to complete before she is able to meet Mr. Right!

So what happens if she invests all this time and energy only to find that Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong and her heart has chosen another... someone determined not to marry, ever.

This novel is full of laughter and tender moments... very much the sweet romance most women love.

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Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the review of The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber. I would it interesting. Will order my copy soon.