Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Courting the Doctor's Daughter by Janet Dean

This is from the Love Inspired Historical series. I don't recall reading anything by Dean before, so she is a new author to me.

Courting the Doctor's Daughter was a nice read. Nothing hugely deep or life changing, but a wonderful bit of entertainment and escape from the craziness of life. Mary Grave is a widow with three sons and a very skeptical and untrusting spirit. When a peddler comes to town hawking his miracle elixir, Mary goes on the attack... determined to run this charlatan out of town. But Dr. Luke Jacobs isn't so easily bullied. He is on a mission to find his son and nothing or no one is going to interfere with that.

What Luke didn't expect to find was his son and a new life. This is not what he planned and he wants no part of it.... or does he. Mary has plans of her own and she is certain Luke will complicate things and get her off course.

What are two stubborn, lonely, obviously in love people to do?

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Janet Dean said...

Thanks for reading and your lovely review of Courting the Doctor's Daughter, Barb. I'm delighted you liked the story and found it entertaining.