Monday, September 15, 2008

Tracie Peterson

I thoroughly enjoy books written by Tracie Peterson. I cannot think of a thing she has written that I didn't love. I read the last 2 books in her Ladies of Liberty trilogy this weekend and as always, I was not disappointed.

A Lady of Hidden Intent is book 2. Catherine Newbury loves her life in England and has no plans to ever leave, but when her father is wrongly accused of slave trading she must flee to avoid arrest and ridicule. She finds herself in America and starts a new life with a new name. Over the years, her reputation as a dress designer grows and many of the wealthier socialites in America seek her talent.

Catherine's life is one of hiding, as she fears she will be found out and sent back to England. She also fears what has become of her father and hopes to save money to procure legal counsel to prove his innocence.

Carter Danby met Catherine in England when she is young, so when he meets her again in America he doesn't recognize her... but he knows there is something familiar and mysterious about her and he is determined to learn more.
Can Catherine trust Carter with her secrets and her heart?

Book Three is A Lady of Secret Devotion. Another wonderful story of love amidst danger. Cassie Stover has been hired as a companion to Mrs. Jameston.... a job she thoroughly enjoys! That is until Mrs. Jameston's son arrives. Shot in a supposed accident, it quickly becomes clear that Mrs. Jameston's warnings about her son and his unsavory ways were not exaggerated.

Mark Langford is an insurance investigator who has been sent to follow up on his friend, Richard's, investigation of insurance fraud and to find who killed Richard. He has but one name to go on... Sebastian Jameston.

Mark enlists Cassie's help to expose Sebastian's crimes and send him to jail, but at what costs? Is it worth risking the life of Mrs. Jameston, Cassie and her family?

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Cecelia Dowdy said...

Both of these sound good! Peterson is one of my all-time favorites, too!