Monday, September 15, 2008

2 more by Phil Hardwick

I recently zipped through 2 more of the Mississippi Mysteries by Phil Hardwick. I believe there is 1 more in this series.

Cover-Up in Columbus is a fun read. I have been to Columbus a time or two and know a bit about it, so that helped me with my bearings. The plot was one that might seem a bit unbelievable, but I know of a case in my hometown that bears a close resemblance.

A wealthy father changes his will and cuts out all of his 4 children save his youngest son and, no surprise, shortly thereafter the son is killed by his young nephew in a hunting accident and the father dies of a heart attack. Sounds tragic, but nothing out of the ordinary here. There was a witness to the accident... everything is on the up and up... or is it. P. I. Jack Boulder learns that often what appears to be obvious is far from it. This story takes some twists and turns through this historic Mississippi town to uncover deception throughout the Newbury family and a great deal of jealousy and hate.

Sixth Inning in Southaven is a fast paced read. Southaven is a bedroom community of Memphis. It didn't start that way... it was a small town in MS just inside the state line, but Memphis grew and in some ways consumed Southaven. I have driven through it many times on my way to Memphis, but at most stopped there for gasoline. I think that is par for the course for most Mississippians. Sadly, I rarely think of Southaven as being a town.

Sixth Inning provided some insight into the actual town and the people there. It also provided a quick bit of intrigue as P. I. Jack Boulder, on a road trip to clear his head, finds himself arrested for the murder of a man he doesn't know. This is a book full of Murphy's law. Boulder is at the wrong place at the wrong time... 2 lawyers who plan to represent him end up in the hospital.. and it becomes obvious someone is trying to frame him or kill him.. which ever comes first.

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