Friday, May 23, 2008

My Soul To Keep by Davis Bunn

The first thing I noticed with this book is T. Davis Bunn is now Davis Bunn. I wonder what happened to the T? I kind of liked it there at the beginning of his name.

I have read a few books by Bunn. The Book of Hours was interesting and I loved The Great Divide and Winner Take All, but my favorite book by this author is one totally out of character for him. It is a sweet Christmas time novella called Tidings of Comfort and Joy.

Bunn has also written 2 historic series - one with Janette Oke and the other with his wife, Isabella. I have not ventured into those.

My Soul to Keep is a somewhat serious novel with some rather deep and a bit dark undertones.... and yet, it isn't a depressing book to read at all. Bunn dives into an arena I have yet seen explored on the pages of Christian literature.... the movie industry. He starts with a rather ragamuffin cast... a broken movie star who spent time in prison after a horrific car accident caused by his addictions... the starlet who was with him and is now scarred for life in more than physical ways... add in a powerful banker... a former pastor who's gambling habit led him to embezzlement.. a good ole southern boy who knows nothing about making a film, but trusts His God with a faith we all should aspire too... a greedy Hollywood mogul... his killer take all assistant.... and more!

One thing I love about this book it that while there is one main storyline, there is a myriad of underlying currents and stories playing out on these pages. I also found that the faith shown in these characters challenged me to look at my own faith. In one scene something devastating has happened... something anyone in their right mind would say is the end... and yet one of the characters chooses instead to praise God for 2 reasons... one he sees it as a sign that they are doing something right and so the enemy is angry and two he sees it as an opportunity to watch God be the amazing miracle working God He is. I love that 2nd part especially. How often do I face a giant and think.. Oh well, all is lost.. when instead I should say "Thank You, Father, for letting this happen in my life so I can watch You work!"

This is not light casual fare... there is depth to this book and it will cause you to stop and think. To me, that is good. At the same time it is an interesting entertaining plot that keeps your attention with twists and turns and well developed characters. Definitely a book to read!

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Cecelia Dowdy said...

Yes, I wonder what happened to the T. in the name, also. When you said you'd read a book by Davis Bunn, I started to wonder if it was the same person!

I haven't read this book, but it definitely sounds like something I need to keep in mind.

The only book I've read by T. Davis Bunn is one he did with Janette Oke: The Meeting Place (Song of Acadia #1)