Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon

I am a huge Mitford fan! I never re-read novels, but the Mitford books are a series I have seriously thought of re-reading and probably will one day. In the meantime, Karon has started new series... sort of a Mitford spin-off.... The Father Tim Novels. Book 1 is Home to Holly Springs. I savored it this past week. Tried to read as slowly as possible to make it last. But alas, I ended up gobbling it down with vigor once I had the first few chapters read. Needless to say I loved it!

In Home to Holly Springs, we find Father Tim on a journey... a journey back to his hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi. I went to college 30 minutes south of Holly Springs at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). I am very familiar with Holly Springs. It is a lovely little town full of charm and character and Karon captures that beautifully in this book! She also captures the kind of characters one would find there and I fell in love with them all!

Tim Kavanaugh has been gone from his boyhood home for 38 years and then a note arrives ... Come Home... that is all it says. No signature... no explanation.. no return address.. just Come Home. And so he does with a bit of fear and trepidation.

Soon he finds himself back not only in place, but in time. Remembering the joys and sorrows of his childhood... getting answers to some of the questions he has had for years... and letting go of the ones that must go unanswered. His trip home brings healing... hope... and a surprise that is beyond his wildest imagination... one that forever changes his life.

If you are a Mitford fan, you will thoroughly enjoy Home to Holly Springs. If you have never read the Mitford series, you can jump in and read Home... but I highly recommend you locate the Mitford books and dive into them too! They are more than worth it!

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