Friday, March 15, 2013

Through the Fire by Diane Noble

Yes, I started yet another cozy mystery series.. I am addicted!

This is book one of the Mystery and the Minister's Wife series.  This series is written by different authors and the books are considered stand-alones (not building on one another), but they all revolve around the same community and the same main characters.  I did read online that the publisher suggests reading the first 2 or 3 in order to get the lay of the land.  I am not over OCD about much in life, but I am with books. I like to read series in order ... no matter how "stand alone" the books are. So I started with book one and am now reading book two.

Kate and Paul Hanlon has left everything... their thriving church, their home, friends, children to follow God's lead which takes them from San Antonio, TX to Copper Mill, TN.  Paul is the new pastor of Faith Briar Church and Kate, the minister's wife.  They roll into town to discover their new church home a blaze and so the questioning begins. Who would want to burn down their church and why?

As Kate adjusts to life in a small town and a small house, she gets caught up in the mystery and drawn to investigate a bit herself.  Along the way she makes friends (and a few enemies)... discovers secrets...receives death threats... inherits a "grand-dog"... and learns a great deal about herself and trusting the Lord as He leads.

Fun, light, entertaining read.  I am looking forward to following this series and hope the rest are as delightful as this one.

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