Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dead and Buried by Karen MacInerney

Book 2 of the Gray Whale Inn Mystery series.  This is currently one of my favorite cozy mystery series. I am draw to books set on the East Coast. I have never been there.. hope to go one day.. and am truly fascinated by the thought of life in a sea village with rocks and salt air.  No doubt I romanticize it more than I should!

Cranberry Island is a close knit community full of a vast array of characters. They laugh and cry and gossip and argue, but they stick together.. and everyone is effected when something happens to one of their own.  

Natalie has her hands full running Gray Whale Inn, especially when her laundry-lady doesn't show up and the dirty linens are taking over the basement.  Natalie sets out to check on Polly, only to discover her body in the Cranberry bog behind her home. And so the mystery begins.  No matter how much she determines to not get involved, Natalie's curious mind gets the best of her and off she goes sleuthing. After a second, seemingly unrelated murder, occurs, her best friend is arrested and Natalie steps up her effort.

In the midst of playing detective, she runs her inn.. deals with a potential competitor spying out her business... a relatively new and still fragile relationship.. and an ex-finance who shows up unexpectedly.  

Life is never dull on Cranberry Island!

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