Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A State of Grace by Traci DePree

Book 2 of the Mystery and the Minister's Wife series.

I became a huge fan of DePree's years ago when I discovered her Lake Emily Series.. A Can of Peas, Dandelions in a Jelly Jar and Aprons on a Clothesline. I cannot tell you how much I love this series of books! So I felt certain I would enjoy A State of Grace... and I did.

The Mystery here is an old one linked with a present situation.  Kate Hanlon, wife to local pastor Paul. learns of a single mom bearing the burden of a child battling leukemia alone and she decides to reach out.  In doing so, she discovers a bright vibrant young woman fighting bravely for her life and a tired overwhelmed mother striving for a medical miracle.  And then the words are spoken.. quietly.. quickly.. certainly not planned and not to be repeated "I could stop Marissa's dying, but I am too selfish."  What did Marissa's mother mean by that? And if it is true.. that she could stop her dying.. why wouldn't she?

And so the search begins.  Kate is determined to learn more about Patricia's past... to determine how Marissa could be save.  And in doing so old wounds are opened and it is painful and scary, but only when we deal with the past can we live in the present.

Another lovely cozy mystery from this series written by various authors.  DePree wrote 2 in the series (I think.. maybe 3) and I feel certain they will be my favorites!

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