Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happily Ever After (Deep Haven #1) by Susan May Warren

Life is coming together, finally, for Mona Reynolds. She has the property she wants.. a business partner.. some finances.. and books on order!  Her dream of a bookstore in an old Victorian House on the shore of Lake Superior in Deep Haven is within her grasp. But there is so much work too do.. More than Mona and Liza can handle, so when drifter Joe Michaels shows up looking for work and a place to live they snatch him up without much of a thought to who he is and why he is there.

It quickly becomes apparent that Joe knows what he is doing, but equally apparent is the fact he has secrets.  Mona cannot help but wonder what they are .. who he is.. why he is here.  When things start to go wrong, it looks like Joe is trying to sabotage Mona's dream. But why? Mona struggles with the desire to trust versus how things look. Can she learn to lift her eyes off the seemingly obvious and onto the One in charge?

Great book... looking forward to diving into the rest of this series.

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