Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble (A Hope Beach Novel)

A friend loaned me this book... so glad she did!  I had never heard of this new series (Rosemary Cottage is coming Summer 2013).

As I have stated here before I love a Cozy Mystery.. I also love Christian Fiction.. this is both AND there is historic architecture involved which makes it even better!  I grew up in a town that thrived on its past and fell in love with old homes and the history and legends that go along with them.

Libby love old buildings and her passion is helping their owners restore and develop them back into the grandeur of their past life. An unexpected inheritance makes her the owner of a grand old hotel in need of her touch, but how can she afford to renovate it much less keep it up afterwards? There is an interested buyer offering her more money that she can fathom.. enough to take her business to a new level and afford her the ability to find more properties and develop them.

She has also inherited a family she never knew she had, but are they open to accepting her? Especially now that her business partner is missing and she is the main suspect.  Libby sets out to find her friend and prove her innocence with the help of a handsome Coast Guard Lieutenant. But it soon becomes apparent to her that even he suspects her of a crime.  As long as she is suspect, no one is searching for the real kidnappers or for Nicole... and time is running short for her and for Libby.

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Kaye said...

This one sounds really good. I'm putting it on my list. I just discovered your blog through Goodreads. I share your taste in books.