Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book 1 of the Lancaster Secrets series.

It would be easy to look at this book and think.. yet another book about the Amish.. and to an extent you would be right. This is another book centered around the Amish, but as one who has read a good bit of Amish Fiction, I can say it is very different from the others.  So often Amish Fiction focuses on "rumspringa"... that time in an Amish teen / young adult's life where they are allowed to taste the world and decide if they want to commit to their faith or walk away from it.  The Choice is not about "runspringa" and that, for me, was refreshing.

It also dealt with some things in the Amish culture that I had never considered.  A 2nd marriage after the death of a wife and mom in which the new wife had the assets (land)... chronic illness... widowhood and a woman's options among the Amish.. jail time.. new beginnings.

I will admit the main character in The Choice seems to attract tragedy. No doubt the events are there to move the story along and they are not impossible or even improbable, just tragic.  And that lends for some sad moments in the storyline, but it is not an overall sad book.

Carrie Weaver is in love and contemplating running away with her beloved Sol and in a flash everything changes. Everything she loves is gone and her future uncertain.  There are choices to make... will she make the right one... will it be what she hoped for ... or will she choose a path that takes her far from her heart's desire and from the will of God?

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