Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aggie's Inheritance series by Chautona Havig

I had never heard of this author or this series until book 1 popped up as a freebie for Kindle.. and then book 2 and book 3.. all free. It would be easy to assume that free = bad writing. Not so!  I cannot tell you how many great books I have snagged for free on my Kindle.  And the great thing is, like these, I discover a new author or series and end up purchasing more of their books.  It is a win-win!

This is absolutely one of my favorite series of books ever!  I talk about faves and best book of the year so far a lot, but wow!  This series made my year. They are well written... wonderful real-life believable charters and situations.  I will stipulate that 1) these books deal with a family with many children... my husband and I only have 2, but we have friends with big families... the largest being 9 kids.  We understand the mindset and a good bit about how it works.  We would have loved lots and lots of kids.. God had other ideas.. I, for one, am hoping He plans to give us lots and lots of grandkids!  :-)  2) Homeschooling becomes part of this book... we homeschooled our 2 and have a real heart for this lifestyle.  No doubt those 2 things added to my love of the books... they hit very close to home.. felt so real to me.

Book 1: Ready or Not... Aggie is 22, just out of college, ready to spread her wings and see what the world has to offer.. but God has a different plan.... an inheritance, as it were.  8 children to be exact!  Aggie's beloved sister and brother-in-law are killed and Aggie becomes the sole guardian of their rather large crew of children. Aggie knows noting of raising children or taking care of a house and when the "grandmother-in-law" swoops in with threat and accusations, her confidence dwindles... but faith wins out and Aggie learns to lean on the Lord and follow His lead.

Book 2: For Keeps... 6 months of motherhood and it shows!  New town.. new house (fixer-upper with lots of renovation work).. new schools.. friends.. life.. add in a box of puppies and a chicken pox epidemic and you have the mix for hilarious chaos at its best. And just when Aggie thinks she cannot take another minute, an escape plan is revealed.  Will she take it? or will she stick it out and hold on to this unique family God has given her? And what of love? Will anyone ever love her for her.. and be willing to take on 8 children to boot?

Book 3: Here We Come... Love is in the air... Christmas is looming... "the Plan" is constantly changing... Just when Aggie thinks she has "it" figured out, she is thrown a curve.  And just when she should be on cloud nine enjoying one of the greatest times in a girl's life, her worst nightmare occurs and she once again wonders why her sister and God ever thought she could handle this.

Very short summaries... the books are packed with so much more!  Impossible to share without giving too much away.  Grab these 3 jewels and curl up for a wonderful time ... prepare to laugh and cry and even get mad at times!

I am hoping there is at least one more Aggie book.. more would be better!

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