Friday, March 9, 2012

Love Finds You in Hope Kansas by Pamela Griffin

As I have stated before, I really enjoy the books I have read in the Love Finds You In series. I have come no where near close to reading all of them... but I have read a good many and so far there isn't a bad one in the bunch,

There are certain things you see regularly when reading romances:

* A girl leaves home and travels to marry a man.

* He is often a man she does not know. In this case, she has met him but hasn't seen him in years and doesn't really know him.

* The man has children who need a mother.

* There has been a bit of trickery involved.

* The two rub each other the wrong way and seem to spar with each other more than anything else.

* Others can see the truth of their feelings long before they admit them.

All of these are true in Love Finds You in Hope Kansas.  Rafe Munroe needs a wife for himself and a mother for his six children.. he just won't admit it.  So his children decide to help. They write a letter from Rafe asking his deceased wife's younger sister, Alison, to come help and consider staying on as his wife and their mother. From the moment their paths cross sparks fly.. and throughout it all others see the depth of passion each is trying to hide from themselves and others.

Alison is a well-bred woman of society from Boston who said good bye to her older sister and Rafe many years ago. She only met Rafe briefly before the wedding and has never met the children. Life in Kansas intrigues here... an adventure to be had... but she finds much more than she bargained for.

Rafe is determined to stay true to Amy's memory by never letting go of his grief... even if that means ignoring his children and their needs.  He is shocked when Alison arrives and immediate determines that she has to leave.  Together they devise a plan (or two.. or three...) to make the children want her to leave so she can depart without hurting them and so they will give up on the idea of finding a new wife for Rafe and mother for themselves. To say that each plan backfires is an understatement.

Alison and Rafe learn that there is Hope in Hope, Kansas.. hope for each of them individually and together.

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