Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grow Old with Me by Melinda Evaul

Evaul is a new-to-me author.  Grow Old with Me caught my eye because the cover says it is a Quilt Trail Novel. I love anything to do with Quilts and Quilting!  This book does have quilts involved, but oh it is so much more. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I read it.

I truly truly loved this book and hated to see it end... I believe more are coming in the series.. I hope so!  Maybe it was the little bit of Quilt theme found in the story... or the fact that it was set in a B & B... or that the 2 focal characters were in their 50s.. or the fact that Evaul tackled some issues and circumstances not seen over and over in novels.. and handled them truthfully and well.

Set in Love Valley, NC (a real place), Benjamin has come there to do repair work on the church.  He books a room at the Mosey Inn, a local B & B where each room is named for a quilt pattern. Appropriately, this carpenter finds himself in the Carpenter's Star room.  Sarah Campbell owns the inn. It has been in her family for generations, but Sarah is getting tired.. tired of taking care of others, of living on the edge financially, of having physical problems that cannot be dealt with because she cannot afford to see the doctor, of not being loved and having someone to love.  In walks Benjamin, a bit of a loner and outcast with a painful past.  Both are lonely and in need and find themselves drawn to each other. But Sarah is a woman of faith and Benjamin has made it clear he wants nothing to do with God.

Can these two find a life together... a life rooted in faith... despite the gossip and innuendo, financial crisis, health issues, difficult pasts, hurts, insecurities, stubborn pride and more?

A sincerely sweet and frank look at love from a different perspective... and a reminder that sparks still fly even after 50!

I should note that Grow Old With Me is not available as a book-book.. with paper and ink.. it is an ebook. I got mind at Amazon, but it is available elsewhere.  Evaul's site has link to purchase it, as well as neat info on the book and the author... Melinda Evaul

CORRECTION:  I learned that this book is available in print form.  You can purchase it from the author at her site. Sorry about that! 


Lynn Dean said...

Your review is wonderful! This is exactly how I felt about Grow Old With Me, BUT it IS available in paperback! I know, because there's a copy on my nightstand. ;) If you'd like a "book-book" version for your nightstand, you can order one through the author's website (Melinda Evaul). I also have a digital copy. That way I can share it without worrying about losing my copy.

Melinda said...

Thank you for this excellent blog post and book review. I deeply appreciate your kind words. I love to hear from people who enjoyed Grow Old With Me. Would you consider posting some of this on Amazon? Good reviews often prompt a prospective reader to purchase a book.

Lynn is correct. Paperback books are available from my website.
I hope to place the paperback on the major online book selling pages soon.

BarbC said...

I will be glad to post a review at Amazon. Cannot wait for future books in this series! I have an idea who you might focus on next. :-) Will be fun to see if I am right.

Melinda said...

Ebook sells are still going well at Amazon, thanks to people like you who post nice things about my writing.
Have a great weekend. By the way, it's National Quilting Day. A good day for your quilting friends to celbrate.

BarbC said...

I celebrated National Quilting Day... one of my favorite holidays! LOL! I even posted about it on my quilting blog...