Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Wedding Caper by Janice Thompson

This is book 1.. I actually bought book 2 first and have it in my "to read" stack.  The cover art for book 2 is what did it for me. There is a dachshund on the front. I am a HUGE dachshund fan and felt certain any book that included one would be a good read.. especially since the front also proclaims "A Cozy Mystery".. I like cozy mysteries almost as much as dachshunds.

After purchasing book 2, I went in search of book 1.. and found it.. The Wedding Caper.. and guess what, there is a dachshund on the cover to this one too! :-) I believe Ms. Thompson and I are becoming fast friends!

Even if you are not a fan of dachshunds.. or even dogs in general.. this is a cute book.  $25,000 is missing from the night depository of the local bank... Annie's husband, who works at the bank, shows up with the much needed money for 2 upcoming weddings (yes 2! Both daughters are engaged!).. one day he had no idea how they would pay for the weddings.. the next day he had $25,000.. in cash. Oh my!  What else could Annie think? Her normally rational, upstanding, banker husband has gone off the deep end and stolen from the bank!

Annie goes into detective mode.. no she has no training or expertise, that is why she subscribes to a "learn to be a detective via email" program! She is determined to prove someone else did it or to accept that her husband has turned to a life of crime.

With her faithful, albeit crazy at times, side-kick, Sasha (the cover dachshund), Annie sets off on her quest. Her lists of suspects grows and grows and grows.  While snooping and pondering, she learns a great deal about herself... her faith... and her lack there of.

Definitely a cozy mystery ... one of the coziest... laughter, tears, crazy women, misunderstandings, lunacy.. you name it, it is all here with a doxie throw in to boot!

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