Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fancy Pants by Cathy Marie Hake

What a FUN book!  The cover is too cute and definitely caught my eye.. as did the title.  Great marketing! Fortunately the story lived up to my expectations.  Don't you hate to pick up a book that looks good and sounds good only to find it is a dud? Kind of like when you go to a movie and find out the only funny scenes were the ones in the trailer.

Fancy Pants is full of fun and grit and so much more!  Lady Sydney Hathwell is on the run from an ill-suited suitor who won't take no for an answer. When she contacts her uncle, she is surprised at his reply to his "nephew."  Syd decides to embrace the mistake and travel west as a young man.  Once she arrive at Forsaken Ranch, she will reveal the mistake to her uncle.

But as is often the case, the plan goes differently.  Syd's uncle is away and his partner is determined to make Lord Hathwell .. a.k.a. Fancy Pants.. into a real man. Syd decides to take the challenge and keep her true identity hidden.  This masquerade lends itself to awkward situations and hilarious encounters.

But when the truth is made know, what will happen then? Will Syd loose the friends and family she has come to admire and need? Will she be tossed out to fend for herself? Has she gone too far in her quest for freedom and independence?

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