Friday, February 3, 2012

1105 Yakima Street by Debbie Macomber

Book 11 of the Cedar Cove series which is coming to an end... sad day!  But I did receive an email from Macomber recently that she is starting a new series that is a bit of a spin-off from Cedar Cove and will occasionally have appearances from CC characters. Hopefully that will take provide me with a CC fix and keep my CC Addicton in tack!  :-)

1105 focuses mainly on the Peyton family. Rachel is pregnant, but has moved out and is living with a friend.  Bruce cannot seem to grasp the severity of the situation... the need for family counselling... the destructive selfishness of his preteen daughter... and so they remain apart.

Elsewhere Linc Wyse is striving to build his business and take care of his family,  but his father-in-law has other plans... namely to ruin Linc's name and breakup the marriage.  His schemes do cause marital strife.. but not for his son-in-law and daughter.. for himself and his wife!  Backfire!

And poor Charlotte's forgetfulness is increasing to the point of being dangerous. Olivia and Will have decisions to make concerning their mom... decisions that no child wants to face.

Life is moving on in Cedar Cove.. drama and all!

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