Monday, May 16, 2011

Moon Spinners by Sally Goldenbaum

I told you I love this series!  This is book 3 and the momentum holds. I adore the characters and this sweet sea side village. Much like other fictional towns, I want to go here... to sit on Nell and Ben's deck enjoying delicious fare and the warmth of friendship amongst cool salty breezes.

The Seaside Knitters and friends are reluctantly setting aside their Friday night ritual on Nell and Ben's deck to attend a local yacht club dinner.  Decked out in their finest, dancing and mingling and dining on gourmet treats, the night is magical.  Only just minutes away a group of night time divers watch in shock as a red Ferrari plunges into the depths of the sea.  The car is local and one known by all.  Sea Harbor awakens after a night of enchantment to learn that one of their own has perished and then as the grief settles in they learn it was murder.

Once again the Seaside Knitters cannot sit back and watch as the authorities dive into the details of the case and the lives of those connected.  Gossip and rumors run amuck and it becomes evident that this is not a random event as many hoped.  Will the Sea Side Knitters unravel the mystery once again and stop a killer in his or her tracks?

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