Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Finds You in Deadwood, South Dakota by Tracey Cross

I have only read 4 other books in the Love Finds You series (all are stand alone books and can be read in any order) and I have loved them all.. including this one. The books are not all written by the same authors.... some are contemporary, some historic... all deal with Romance and are Christian Fiction.  And again, all have been great reads.

I was excited to read Deadwood. I like historic romances set in the West. There is just something about Cowboys and the dust and dirt of the trail.  I was also excited to read a new-to-me author, Tracy Cross, until I read that she has also published books under the name, Tracy Bateman. I have read Tracy Bateman and enjoy her writing.

Jane Albright is a recently widowed young woman with one child and another on the way.  She is thankful for her land and home and sets in to make a life for her children when she learns that her husband mortgage the house and land and has fallen behind in payments.  At risk to loose everything, Jane sets out to do what needs to be done to protect her home and family.

Deadwood is definitely a Christian Romance, but it is also a book about perseverance and strength of character.

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