Monday, May 16, 2011

A Drunkard's Path by Clare O'Donohue

Book 2 of the Someday Quilts Mysteries.  Another cozy mystery!  I read a couple of series that center around knitters and love them, even though I don't knit. This one revolves around a quilters.  I am a quilter, so I truly relate to these ladies!  If I ever wandered to their fictional town, I would head straight to Someday Quilts and join in with the latest group project!

Nell Fitzgerald is settling into life in the quiet little town of Archer's Rest and looking forward to her first date with Police Chef, Jesse Dewalt and then he stands her up. Nell, rebounding from a broken engagement, thinks romance is not for her.  Once she learns that Jesse has a valid reason (he was working a homicide), Nell decides to forgive him and offers to help with the investigation.  Jesse is not keen on the idea and encourages her to let the authorities handle the murder while she handles the quilt shop.

Nell does her best to comply, but then a second body shows up... in her yard... and she can no longer sit back and wonder. She begins her own sleuthing enlisting the help of her quilting circle and before long they have wound their way through all the evidence and suspects to find who the killer is.

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