Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colorado Crimes by Lisa Harris

A while back I discovered a series called "America Loves a Mystery." Each book consists of 3 romance mysteries set in a specific state. I have read one other in the series before this one.... Alibis in Arkansas  In Arkansas each story was written by a different author. In Colorado Crimes, Lisa Harris pens all 3 mysteries.

Pricilla Crumb, a widow and professional chef, has come to her son's hunting lodge to help out... permanently, she hopes!  What she doesn't plan for is a guest dying after sampling one of her salmon-filled tartlets.  Pricilla determines to save her reputation and find out the truth behind Charles Woodruff's death. Along the way romance is sparked for her son and for Pricilla. Maybe God has more for the rest of her life than just growing old after all!

Just as Pricilla is trying to learn to balance a long distance relationship while running the kitchen of a lodge, her favorite baker is found dead.  Once again Pricilla plays amateur sleuth in a search for the truth.  Can Max handle being in a relationship with such a risk taker? Or will they come to realize that it is too late to teach old dogs new tricks.

And in the final mystery, Pricilla is the emcee for a prestigious cooking contest. She and Max use this time to get away and explore the possibilities of their future. But when one of her former students is arrested for murdering one of the contest judges, Pricilla feels obligated to help out in the investigation.

The 3 mysteries in Colorado Crimes are "cozy" mysteries.. a bit like watching Murder, She Wrote (which I love!).  They are well written and very entertaining and fairly clever plot lines that will keep you guessing.

I will soon be reading and reviewing another of these "cozy" mysteries -- Mainly Mysteries by Susan Page Davis and Megan Elaine Davis.

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