Friday, April 23, 2010

Alibis in Arkansas -- by Lynxwiler, Reynolds & Gaskin

Alibis is a compilation of 3 Romance Mysteries all centered around 2 sisters, Jenna Stafford & Carly Reece, who fall into the task of solving murders. Fun fact ... the books are written by 3 real life sisters! I would classify these stories as light cozy mysteries... much in the vein of the Murder She Wrote television series or the Mystery Woman movies. Total fun to read!

It all starts with Death on a Deadline when Jenna stumbles, literally, across the murder of the local newspaper editor and then finds her nephew is the top suspect. Next comes Drop Dead Diva, where a trip away to help out a friend and relax a bit ends up with a dead Country Music Singer and more suspects that you can count on both hands. The final story is Down Home and Deadly and once again murder drops in on the sisters when Carly finds a dead body at the back door of her newly purchased diner.

The sisters relationship with each other, their families and the men in their lives runs throughout all three tales, as does there faith.

Fun reads... this would be a great book to take on Summer Vacation!

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