Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fit to Be Tied by Robin Lee Hatcher

Book 2 of the Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series focuses on Cleopatra Arlington... Cleo to her friends. Cleo is the total opposite of her twin, Gwen. Where Gwen is refined, soft, frilly, femine, Cleo is rough and tumble... ready to ride at a moments notice.. doing the work of men daily. In fact, at most times people mistake her for a man in her pants and hat covered in dust from working the ranch. But Cleo doesn't mind, she loves her life just as it is. Or does she?

Enter Lord Sherwood Statham of England. The fourth son of a Duke and a bit of a rogue, Sherwood's father has sent him to American as a form of discipline... to teach him to straighten up and fly right. Lord Statham finds himself in a new world.. working as a ranch hand for Cleo and her father, Griff. And Cleo is not thrilled to be nursemaid to a softie from England.

They grate on each others nerves from day one and yet there is an underlying chemistry that neither can deny. So which one will tame the other? Will Cleo the cowgirl become Lady Cleopatra or will Lord Statham become Woody the cowboy? One thing's for certain, the ride is going to be a bumpy and adventurous one!

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