Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Passion Denied by Julie Lessman

This is the third and final book in Lessman's Daughter of Boston series. If you enjoy Historic Romances, then you will like this series. The books center on the O'Connor girls and their family and are set in early 1900's Boston around the first World War.

A Passion Denied is Elizabeth's story. Beth has been in love with John Brady as long as she can remember, but sadly he has always seen her as a little sister. She wants more and believes he does too, but he refuses to be more than friends. Finally Beth, now called Lizzie, turns her attentions elsewhere only to find herself caught in a web of deceit and hurt... and to her shock she finds Brady right in the center.
Can love truly conquer all? When trust is destroyed, can it be rebuilt? Does forgiveness extend to everyone and every circumstance?

A Passion Denied takes a love sick romantic girl and opens her eyes and heart to the realities of real life love.

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