Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Mahoney Sisters Trilogy by Tracey V. Bateman

I really like mysteries and the Love Inspired Suspense series mysteries have surprised me. These are good! There is just the right amount of intrigue and adventure mixed in with romance and a nice healthy dose of faith.

Tracey Bateman has written a series about 3 sisters... hence the name, The Mahoney Sisters.

Book 1, Reasonable Doubt centers on Keri Mahoney. Keri's childhood sweetheart is whisk away by his aunt after his parents are killed in a car wreck. Although they vow to stay in touch, forces beyond their control prevent that from happening. Now, 15 years later, Justin is back in Keri's life along with his twin sons and a murder investigation hanging over his head. Can Keri keep her personal feelings out of the way and be the cop she was trained to be? Did Justin kill his wife? Or is there someone else out there responsible... someone who now wants to remove Justin and his boys from the picture also?

Book 2, Suspicion of Guilt focuses on Denni Mahoney. Denni runs a home for girls who have just left the foster care program and entered young adulthood. She helps them find employment, take college classes and prepare to function independently in the real world, but someone doesn't like what she is doing. Flooded basements, fires in the kitchen, and missing items are just a few of the not-so-subtle hints he or she is leaving. Denni is determined to move forward ignoring the warnings, but Detective Reece Corrigan has other plans. Reece is determined to get to the bottom of the attacks even if that means suspecting one of the girls in the home.

Book 3, Betrayal of Trust spotlights the oldest Mahoney sister, Raven. Raven is in a high powered, fast moving career that keeps her from family and from faith. She is too busy striving to be a mover and a shaker and dealing with secrets from her past that feed her insecurities and doubts. Then a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself. Matthew Strong is pulling out of the Senate race and he is being mum as to why. Every report wants this story and Raven, as Matt's former fiance, is sure she has an inside track. What she doesn't expect is to walk into a situation where she could loose her heart and possibly her life.

All 3 of these books were great reads! And all 3 are now available at Paperback Book Swap (look for my account! )

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