Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Heart's Homecoming by Merilee Whren

Eight years ago Sam Lawson stood at the altar, ready to marry his childhood sweetheart, Jillian Rodgers... but Jillian didn't show. In fact, she hasn't shown her face to Sam for the past eight years and he has been just fine with that. He forgave Jill, but that doesn't mean he wants to see her or have anything to do with her.

For eight years Jillian has worked to build a name and career for herself. She has come home to visit family some, but always kept a low profile not drawing attention to herself.

That is all about to change. Jillian's family needs her and no matter how uncomfortable it will be to move back to her small hometown and be near Sam, Jillian is going to be there for her mom and dad.

As Jillian and Sam are thrust together, they become reacquainted and find that each is no longer the person they were eight years ago. Not wanting to pick up where they left off, they decide to see if the "new" Sam and Jillian are meant to be... in spite of the pain of past, the awkwardness f the present and the uncertainty of the future.

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