Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fool's Puzzle by Earlene Fowler

A quilting friend told me about this series of books by Earlene Fowler. Each book title is the name of a quilt pattern.

Fool's Pattern is book 1. It took me a bit to get into this book, but once I worked out the who's who and what's what, I enjoyed it. It is what I would call a light mystery. A bit like reading an episode of Murder She Wrote. There is a murder... 2 in fact.... but there are a lot of other things that play out in the storyline too. Secrets.... closure... romance... life..... I think my favorite character is Dove. She is Benni's grandmother and while she isn't in every chapter of the book, when she does pop up it is fun. She is just a hoot!

This is a secular book so there is some crude / bad language. Not a lot and nothing severe. Most of what I read is Christian fiction, so I have become a bit sensitive to language. That said, I didn't find anything offensive or overbearing.

There are more Benni Harper books... a dozen or so I believe. My library has them all, so I feel certain I will be reading them.

If you are a serious mystery lover... someone who really gets caught up in the who, what, where and how, then this series is probably too light for you (unless she kicks it up a notch in later books). But if, like me, you are looking for an entertaining read that doesn't tax your brain too much, then this book will work fine for you!



Cecelia Dowdy said...

Yes, I know what you mean about still reading secular books sometimes, even when most of your reading revolves around Christian books. I mostly read Christian fiction, however, sometimes a secular novel will sneak into my pile of books. I used to just read secular stuff because there wasn't much Christian fiction back in the day. I recently read God Still Don't Like Ugly, a popular secular African American novel and there was some crude language in that story, also.

Jody said...

Dove is a real character. And she's in all the books. She raised Benni after her mother passed away. Benni and her father went to live with Dove at her ranch. Something I really like about Fowler's books are the support characters have lives and stories too. Its interesting as the series goes on to see what happens to Dove. Now I'll stop before I reveal too much. lol.