Saturday, July 27, 2013

Doesn't She Look Natural by Angela Elwell Hunt

The title and synopsis of this book caught my attention of a Kindle freebie / bargain list and so I snatched it up.  It was not what I expected at all and yet I loved it. So much that I immediately borrowed the 2nd one in the series through the Prime Lenders Library and am anxiously waiting to borrow the third one next month.  Really fun series.. really strange subject matter!

This is book 1 of Hunt's Fairlawn Series which includes:

Doesn't She Look Natural
She Always Wore Red
She's in a Better Place

In Natural, we meet Jennifer Graham. Jennifer is a hard working, no nonsense senior staff member for a U.S. Senator.  Fully entwined in the political game until her husband leaves her for another one. How did she not see that coming?  Now Jennifer and her boys are living with her mother while she searches for a new job (how could she continue to work in the same arena as her ex and his new friend?) and a new place to live.  Her faith is a fragile as tissue paper.  And then her uncle dies leaving her, his only relative, everything.

Jennifer, her boys, her mom and their jack russel terrier head south to Mt. Dora, FL to see what treasure awaits them.  What she finds is far from the treasure she expected. Yes, she knew there was a large home.. a big Victorian that she feels certain she can sell for a song.  But no she was unaware that Fairlawn is the local funeral home and in no condition to be sold.

Jennifer also finds the need to get to know her boys.. to be in their lives.. and she finds that life in Mt. Dora offers her that opportunity.  And so a temporary change of plans is in order. or so she thinks until God sends the biggest unexpected her way.

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