Saturday, July 27, 2013

A bit of Historic Fiction....

These are all in my "read" (as in already read not to read) folder on my Kindle.  And when I look at them, I know I read them and I remember whether I liked them or not. I don't, however, remember all the details and to scan the summaries and bring those back to mind would take a lot of time.. SO here are some of the books I read this Spring with a bit of review for each.

Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot - Book 1 in the Texas Dreams trilogy.  This was a nice read. Sarah has left Philadelphia for the wide open spaces of Texas where she will be married to her beloved Austin. Sarah and Austin have never met.. they have been exchanging letters and she has accepted his marriage proposals and finds herself a mail-order bride. Full of hope for the future, Sarah's heart is broken when she gets to San Antonio and learns Austin is dead.  What is she to do? She cannot go back East and it appears Austin's brother wants nothing to do with her.  Can she find a place for herself in Texas and in Clay's heart?

Tall Dark and Determined by Kelly Eileen Hake -- I have loved every book I have read by Hake.. until this one. I tried several times, but never could get interested in it.  It is the 2nd book in a series and I fear that it is just a filler to connect the first too.

The Midwife's Legacy by Rhonda Gibson, Pamela Griffin, Jane Kirkpatrick & Trish Perry -- This is part of the Romance America books and is a compilation of 4 novellas. I loved how they all link together going from one generation to the next connected by an journal.  And how they follow the evolution of midwifery even into the modern day.  And I love that the desire to be a midwife skips a generation along the way.. a very realistic touch.  The stories wind their was from early Wisconsin settlers and the Oregon trail to present day America.  Very enjoyable and a bit enlightening about the calling to be a midwife and how it is viewed in our nation.

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