Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rugged and Relentless by Kelly EIleen Hake

Book 1 of the Husbands for Hire series

What a twist!  I have read a number of books with Mail-order brides, by husbands? Nope.. that is a new one and so clever.  3 women find themselves in charge of a dying town after gold-mine goes under. Determined to not loose all they have.. to make bring back the town.. they determine what they need are husbands.  After all, unmarried women cannot own property. So they set out to find husbands in a very businesslike manner.. they place an advertisement in various newspapers.  They expect to be met with replies.. letters.. when they arrive in Hope Falls.  What they find are suitors.. more than they bargained for.. all anxious to be "the one".

Jacob Granger is in Hope Falls, but not to find a wife.. to find a killer.  The women's scheme provides cover for his investigation, but he soon finds himself drawn in... protecting "those fool women" from themselves and the men vying for their attention.

Rugged and Relentless delivers a wild ride in the old West with laughter and love and a bit of danger thrown in.

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