Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Husband Tree by Mary Connealy

As I have stated before, I love books by Mary Connealy!  Cowboys and feisty women.. you cannot beat it!  LOL!  And Connealy does it right.

The Husband Tree is book 2 in her Montana Marriages series. I strongly recommend reading these in order as they build on each other. (But then I am one who obsesses a bit about reading books in order period.)

Belle Tanner has had her fill of husbands.... 3 to be exact.. and each one got a bit more worthless and lazy. She is thankful to the Good Lord for the 4 children she has as a result of these unions.. and more thankful that they are all girls. What would she do with a boy!?

Now that husband number 3 is buried under the husband tree, Belle is determined to do things on her own.. to not give in to the notion a woman needs a man to survive. She and her girls are as tough and hardworking as any man out there and they are set on a female only ranch.  But when Belle finds she has more cattle than expected and she needs to run 1000 to market, she knows she and the girls cannot do it alone. She sets into town to hire help, only to learn most are already gone with other ranches.

Silas Harden is new to the area and needs a job. He hires on with Belle (not realizing she is a widow) and sets off on the adventure of a lifetime!  1 stubborn woman, a stubborn cowboy, 3 girls and a baby driving 1000 head of cattle across mountains.  How on earth did he get caught up in this and will he ever get out... and does he want to?

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