Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missing Mabel by Nancy Mehl

Obviously I am on a mystery kick right now... cozy mysteries of course!  Those are my faves.

Missing Mabel is book 1 in Nancy Mehl's Curl Up and Dye Series (and is part of the Hometown Mysteries series).

Everything I have read by Mehl has been quirky... and Missing Mabel is no exception!  Hilde Higgins does hair... for the dead... well, for the mortuaries that are preparing dead bodies for viewing and such.  Hey, at least her clients never complain!  Hilde also has a photographic memory... so when she accidentally sees Mabel Winnemaker one day and then is called in to do her hair a few days later, she has no doubt something is wrong. This is not the same body!

The Director of the Funeral Parlor doesn't believer her ... in fact, he thinks she is covering up for her own sins.. theft of the deceased's diamond ring.

Her reputation on the line... and her curiosity peaked, Hilde decides to find out where the real Mabel Winnemaker is.

Along the way she discovers a new friend, with a few secrets of his own; reconnects with an old friend who may just become a new flame; and begins the journey to healing with her mother and her past.  AND she finds lots of laughs and crazy situations to get tangled in as she tries to work through all the drama that is Mabel.

Very fun read!  Looking forward to the next one in this series.

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Nancy Mehl said...

Thanks for the great review, Barb. (S)