Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lassoed in Texas Series by Mary Connealy

These very well may be my favorite fiction books of 2011. They are certainly my faves so far this year! I devoured them. Housework... cooking... sewing... talking... even the computer took a back seat to these. I just loved them!

First they are set in the old west... a setting I love... the heroines are strong (even when they don't think they are) and quirky ... love that!... and there are cowboys involved... I love that too! LOL!  The titles are great too... as is the cover art. I try my best not to judge a book by its cover, but these covers grabbed my eye! I couldn't resist them!

Book 1: Petticoat Ranch

Sophie Edwards and her girls are doing just fine. Never mind they see no one and live in a hovel in a thicket far from civilization.  Still Sophie knows her time is short and she needs help. She cries out to the Lord and he answers in grander ways than she could have imagined.

Clay McClellan is searching for his long lost brother. Imagine his surprise when he finds Cliff is dead and has left a widow and four angelic girls.  Christian duty rises up in Clay and he insists that Sophie marry him, after all she and the girls need protection. Or do they?

In the midst of adventure and intrigue as Cliff's killer returns for "what is his", the reader finds much laughter and love. Sophie is not ordinary female and she is not planning on changing her ways.

Can these mismatched newlyweds find common ground and build a family in the face of danger and hardship on the Texas Frontier?

Book 2: Calico Canyon

We meet Grace in Book 1. She is a prim and proper school teacher new to the wild west of Texas.  Imagine her surprise when she wakes up in the home of Daniel Reeves with Daniel and his four wild boys who have terrorized her schoolroom every day she has been there.  To protect her reputation, Grace is forced to marry Daniel and the real adventure begins.

Daniel and Grace detest each other and their situation. Grace knows nothing of housework and cooking... and Daniel knows nothing of a soft feminine woman.  Add to the mix a figure from Grace's past determined to hunt her down and extract his revenge and you have a wild ride!

Will these 2 as different as night and day make a life together in Calico Canyon or will their differences lead to destruction?

Book 3: Gingham Mountain

Hannah has scrimped and saved and finally has a way to head west in search of her sister, Grace.  But plans change when 2 young orphans travelling on the same train are placed into the care of a single man, Grant.  Hannah knows the life of an orphan in the home of man who works his children to the bone and she is determined to protect these children.

In need of a job, Hannah is hired as the schoolmarm in Sour Springs and determines to keep a close eye on Grant and his brood.

As she comes to know Grant and all his children, Hannah finds her first impression may have been wrong.  But what of Prudence? Does Grant return her affections? Would she be a suitable mother to a house full of orphans?

Hannah's heart is leery and yet she is drawn to Grant and his family.  Hopefully it isn't too late for them.

Read the books in order.. the connect and flow better that way. So good! If you are a romance lover and especially historic romance, you need to read this series!

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