Saturday, July 23, 2011

Authentic Relationships by Wayne Jacobsen & Clay Jacobsen

A friend mentioned this book on FaceBook and the subtitle caught my eye.. "discover the lost are of 'one anothering'"  After reading a quote or two my friend posted and asking him about the book, I decided to order it.  Wow!  Good decision on my part!  This is truly a wonderful book... one I think every Christ-follower should read.

The Jacobsen brothers point out that their are verses (commands) throughout the Bible that tell us how to treat our fellow Christians.  And if we would only heed God's word, we would find true authentic lasting vital relationships within the body that in turn make us more effected as we reach out to those outside the body.

While the book does not focus on ever single "one another" verse, it does cover many and, honestly, most of the ones they cover encompass virtues that are found in the ones not discussed.  We look at loving one another, honoring one another, encouraging one another, praying for and with one another, submitting to one another, forgiving one another, being kind to one another and more.

This book can be used for a small group study and has discussion questions for each chapter. If you choose to read it alone, as I did, these questions can be used for deeper meditation and digging into the Word.

I tend to underline and highlight in my non-fiction books. This one is full of pen marks and asterisks.  I have already gone back and looked at things again and again and have no doubt I will continue to do so. I also know that I will be ordering more of this book and giving it to friends and family. NOT because I think they are doing a poor job in their relationships, but because this is just a great focused tool that points us to Scripture and how God wants us to live.  It teaches us, again through Scripture, how to be the church not just go to church.

"One Anothering"... definitely a lost art and one I, personally, hope to revive in my life.

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