Monday, June 13, 2011

Nosy in Nebraska by Mary Connealy

Nosy in Nebraska is part of a series called America loves a Mystery. In each of these, the reader finds 3 novels set in the same state... often the same town and with overlapping characters and plot lines.  These are cozy mysteries with a bit of romance stirred in for good behavior.

The three novels in Nosy are Of Mice and Murder, Pride and Pestilence, and The Mice Man Cometh.  Now I have to tell you I was skeptical. These stories all center around a town in Nebraska whose mascot is a field mouse! Yuck!  I do not like mice at all!  I am one of those women who squeal and jump on the nearest piece of furniture at the slightest sight of a mouse.

Truthfully, it was a issue as I read the first book. Of Mice and Murder is good and definitely necessary to set up the other 2 books, but the mice focus was just a bit much for me. However, I am thrilled I pressed on and faced my fear. LOL!  All three stories were fun and quirky (to say the least!)

This is a great summer read... or really whenever you want to be entertained without having to strain your brain!

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