Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber

Like most who have read a Debbie Macomber book, she is a favorite author of mine. While I do prefer Christian Fiction, her works are clean and decent and so much fun to read! Hannah's List is such a unique idea and not as far fetched as one might think. I actually have a friend who did something similar when she was dying.

Hannah has been gone for 1 year.... loosing her battle with cancer.  Her husband, Michael, has created a life for himself with out Hannah. One he feels is fine as it is. Others, of course, know better... and so did Hannah. On the one year anniversary of her death, Michael receives a letter.. written by Hannah. She knew how he would spend that first year... how he would feel... and she shares all that with him and then tells him what every one else has been trying to say... he has to get on with his life.  And she wants him to marry again.... to love again... to have children... so much so that she has picked 3 candidates. She does not require him to marry one of the women, but to at least meet each one and go out on a date.

Michael is shocked... angry... overwhelmed...  but over time he honors Hannah's wish and then wonders what she was thinking!  These 3 women are as different as night and day.  But Michael learns that Hannah really did know him best.

This is a story about love... different kinds of love... that young fresh first love... friendship love.... the memory of love... and a new tender surprising love found after a loss.

As always, the characters are rich and real and people I would love to meet in person.

Hannah's List is a must read for any Macomber fan and a great intro to her writing if you've never experienced it before.

NOTE: I have included Blossom Street in my tags. Blossom Street is a series by Macomber and while this is not part of the series, it is a companion book.  Several of the Blossom Street characters are here.

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