Monday, September 27, 2010

Love Finds You in Miracle Kentucky by Andrew Boeshaar

Boeshaar is a well-known often read Christian Fiction author, so I was not surprised to find her among the Love Finds You In series.  The premise to Miracle is a unique one and very intriguing to me.  The main character, Meg, has been reared by her single mother all over the U.S. traveling from city to city, guy to guy. The book opens with Meg living with someone in Chicago.  But life has taken its toll and Meg is ready for some rest and a new start. She moves to Miracle, Kentucky to live with her grandmother... a grandmother whom she loves but really doesn't know.  She will also be near her father and his second family.. the one that works.  Can Meg make peace with her dad... her mom... herself... and more importantly with God.

My one negative with this book and it happens in other Christian Fiction is the lack of pointing the reader to Jesus. Meg starts going to church and cleans up her life, but there really is no mention of Jesus or of her working through her life and hurts with Him. It is like she is just all fine after she starts hanging out with church folk.

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