Monday, September 27, 2010

Love Finds You In Lahaina Hawaii by Bodie Thoene

The Love Finds You series is a wonderful collection of love stories set all over the U.S. and written by different Christian Fiction authors.  Bodie Thoene is well known and loved and this is the first book written by her that I have ever read. It very likely will not be the last.  I know so very little about the History of Hawaii and Thoene is so thorough in her research.

Lahaina provides a story within a story.  It is 1973 and Sandi Smith is trying to live a life in limbo while her husband is MIA in Vietnam. She becomes involved with a project to write a history of each state and is sent to Hawaii to do research and find her story.  Sandi meets Aunt Hannah, a dear friend of the last princess of Hawaii who has written out the entire tale in great detail.  Sandi is drawn back in time as Princess Kaiulani, Hannah and others watch the Hawaii they know and love be swallowed up by the United States and the monarchy placed on a shelf along with much of their heritage. As Sandi delves into Kaiulani and Hannah's stories, she finds herself also drawn into her own story.  She comes face to face with the truth and need to let go and move forward.

Previous books in this series (I have only read 2 prior to this one) were fun and light-hearted, not so Lahaina. There is a depth here that spoke to my heart and made me feel as if I were there watching everything unfold.  A truly wonderful book!

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