Friday, August 6, 2010

Love Finds You In Humble Texas by Anita Higman

This is the second "Love Finds You" book I have read and they were  both good reads.... totally different, but both fun!

Trudie is just Trudie... no frills.. what you see is what you get.. and she is fine being that way.  But then her 30th birthday rolls around and her sister, a life coach, gives her two gifts. First, sessions with her to create the new and improved Trudie and second, a date with Mason Wimberly.  Trudie is less than amused, but trapped and endures the date only to find she is attracted to Mason and he appears to be attracted back!

And then it happens... a bump in the road... Trudie's sister, Lane, who went out with Mason a few times in the past decides she should have stuck with him.  Trudie decides to hide her feels and step aside for Lane, but Mason is not interested in that.

It is an odd love triangle.... sort of a wonky one... that only God can work out.

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