Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family of the Heart by Dorothy Clark

What a sweet story.... Sarah Randolph has left her family home in the lap of luxury to travel to Cincinnati, OH to serve as a nanny for an orphaned little girl.  Her family is in no way pleased, but Sarah is determined to make a life for herself after the death of her finace'.  Clayton Bainbridge is not what she expected to meet. One minute soft the next harsh.... refusing to call his daughter by name or have her in the same room.  What is Sarah to do?  She sit by and watch Nora grow up without her Father's love and yet she could be dismissed and sent away if she interferes.  Circumstances arise that throw the three together and slowly God is able to heal hurts and brokenness and bring renewal.

Very sweet heart-tugging story from Love Inspired Historicals.

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