Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Interior Motives by Ginny Aiken

This is book 3 of Aiken's Deadly Decor Mysteries series... and I believe the final book for this series... which saddens me. I have enjoyed these light mysteries and the wonderful characters Aiken created. While the story lines may be a bit light... a kin to Murder She Wrote (which I love), there is a depth to some of the characters that intrigues me. Haley Farrell is not Jessica Fletcher.. she is a young interior designer learning to live light despite her past which includes not only sadness, but personal despair. Her faith is tested over and over in these books and Haley, like all of us, struggles with trusting God.. giving Him control. Dutch Merrill is her nemesis.. or so it seems... a contractor with a sharp wit and keen observation skills. Then there is Bella... oh my Bella and the Balis (her feline babies)... Bella is a hoot... really to kooky to be real and yet I have a feeling I know a Bella or two! She defines the word eccentric and stretches it to whole new heights. Tedd is a wonderful Christian psychologist who has issues of her own and Lila is the karate cop "twin" of Haley (just don't tell them or you will catch their wrath!). Add in a smathering of other fun folks and you have a cast who keeps you entertained with their "doings".

In Interior Motives life is going good for Haley. She is in the midst of renovating Tedd's office... a much needed renovation in her opinion... she is dealing with the issues in her life... she is not having to deal with Lila... life is good. Then she meets Darlene.. a sweet elderly woman who is caring for her husband, an Alzheimer patient, while battling cancer. Darlene's gentle spirit captures Haley's attention as does her fascination with Darlene's home.. a grand old Victorian lady in need of revitalization. Haley agrees to help Darlene bring the old girl back to life, but when she goes for their first consultation plans change. Darlene is dead... the cancer has won... or did it? Why does Haley suspect foul play when no one else does? Why does she call Lila instead of an ambulance? And how is it that every time she goes to redo a house a dead body pops up?

A very fun read... you definitely need to read the book in the series in order as they all build on each other.


Jo said...

I have just finished reading this series as well and am sorry to see it end. I have enjoyed its lightheartedness and it is a fun read.


Carmen7351 said...

This one is good. A fun read. You'll enjoy.